The Austin Guide to Dim Sum

January 20, 2016

Wu Chow

Service Style: Menu

The Details: Wu Chow, the newest contender on the Austin Chinese dining scene, brought in chefs who were born and trained in China, so it’s no surprise that the food is traditional and authentic. The prices might be higher than other dim sum destinations, but the downtown location, buzzy vibe, and seriously good cocktails almost make that worth it. As a bonus, you can also make reservations for dim sum service, which is a rare find.

Recommended Dishes: Wu Chow’s Xiao Long Bao, otherwise known as Shanghai soup dumplings, are arguably the best in Austin. The turnip cakes are savory and crispy on the outside, and the shrimp and leek dumplings are very good, too. Be sure to sprinkle the chef’s secret chili oil on top.

Location: Downtown (500 West 5th Street)

Dim Sum Hours: Sundays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.