Wu Chow Dishes Out Chinese Lunch Now

February 1, 2016

After rolling out dinner and dim sum late last year, Wu Chow is now tackling lunch, which started today, Tuesday, January 19. First off, soup dumplings won’t be offered for the midday meal. Instead, down those sorrows with lion's head meatballs, dan dan noodles, and a seasonal vegetable stir fry (currently made with bell peppers and purple and gold cauliflower). Check out the full menu below.

For now, only reservations are being accepted for lunch, with some walk-in availability at the bar and lounge Update, February 1: Now lunch is fully open, accepting both walk-ins and reservations. Lunch hours are from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. The modern Chinese restaurant will start working on offering takeout next.

After much delay, C.K. Chin, Stuart Thomajan and the rest of the Chameleon Group opened Wu Chow in November. The hospitality group also oversees Swift’s Attic and Delish. There is an unknown fourth venture in the works on North Lamar, opening later this year.