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Join us! Monday - Friday in our bar and patio area only from 5:00pm - 6:30pm.

  • FOOD

    乾煸四季豆 Dry Fried Local Green Beans : local green beans, preserved mustard leaves 5

  • 酸辣湯 Hot & Sour Soup : wood ear mushrooms, enoki, egg, bamboo shoots 2
  • 玉米湯 Sweet Corn and Egg Ribbon Soup : sweet Texas corn, chicken breast, ribbons of egg 2
  • 紅油抄手 Sichuan Spicy Wontons : shrimp and pork wontons, spicy soy, chili oil 5
  • 春卷 Chicken & Taro Eggrolls (2) : organic chicken, taro root, sour plum sauce 3
  • 辣子雞 Spicy Sichuan Deep-Fried Chicken : organic chicken, sichuan peppercorns, chilies 5
  • 蔬菜炒飯 Vegetable Fried Rice 5

    Chicken | Pork | Beef | Shrimp | Tofu +4

  • 五花肉割包 Five-Spice Braised Tenderbelly Pork Belly Bao (2) 6
  • 木梳餅 Mushu Wraps (2) 5

    Chicken | Pork | Beef


  • Rum Punch

  • Assorted fruit juices, fresh fruit, rum, triple sec

  • Texan’s Tiki

  • Gin, triple sec, muddled avocado, cucumber juice, jalapeno juice, simple syrup

  • My-Tie

  • Light rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, coconut milk, orgeat, topped with dark rum

  • Tsingtao Tshandy

  • Blackberry infused baijiu, lime juice, Tsingtao beer

  • Sparktail

  • Blueberry infused vodka, grapefruit juice, sparkling wine

  • $5 Cocktail of the Day

  • Fernet

  • $5 House Red & White




(Please allow up to 20min for preparation)

小籠包 Shanghai Soup Dumplings : pork shoulder, ginger, garlic, scallions, concentrated pork broth, dipping sauce 10

蒸豬餃 Tenderbelly Pork Dumplings : pork belly, dipping sauce8

九層塔雞餃 Basil Chicken Dumplings : organic chicken, basil, dipping sauce 8

牛肉鍋貼 “Never Ever” Beef Potstickers : "Never Ever" Beef, scallions, dipping sauce 8



Subject to seasonal availability. Please call restaurant for pre-ordered items.

  • 鱸魚 Striped Bass
  • 豆瓣 Hot & Spicy (24hr pre-order) | 松鼠鱖魚 Squirrel Fish | 朵椒魚 Angry (Bell Peppers & Chilies)
  • 蔥薑全魚 Seasonal Whole Fish | 麥 Steamed with Ginger & Scallions
  • 龍蝦 Lobster
  • 蔥薑Ginger & Scallions | 香辣 Hot & Spicy

北京填鴨 Beijing Roast Duck (48hr pre-order)


Every Sunday 11am - 3pm



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  • My-Tie 14
  • Orgeat, Brugal blanco, freshly squoven lime, pineapple juice, coconut milk, topped with Mt. Gay Black Barrel
  • Texan's Take On Tiki 14
  • Botanist gin, Cointreau, lime, fresh avocado, jalapeno simple syrup, juiced cucumber
  • Chow Chicka Bow Wow 14
  • Flor de Cana, Velvet Falernum, Giffard Banane de Bresil, grapefruit and lime juice, ginger, dememara syrup
  • Nien Nunb 14
  • Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Giffard Lichi-Li Lychee, fresh ginger juice, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, “force choke” sithel syrup
  • Tsingtao Tshandy 11
  • 五粮液 baijiu, fresh ginger, lime, and Tsingtao beer
  • Bijou-Baijiu 14
  • Red Star 二鍋頭 sorghum baijiu, green chartreuse, Carpano antica, Royal King ginseng liqueur, plum bitters
  • Ol' Dirty Fashioned 14
  • Woodford rye, simple syrup, Chen sifu’s Chili oil, Angostura bitters, orange and lemon peel
  • Divine 13
  • Chrysanthemum tea-infused Crystal Creek Moonshine, dememara syrup, lemon juice, cardamom bitters
  • Shane-Hi! 14
  • Basil Hayden bourbon, Apple Sidra sparkling apple cider, lemon juice
  • 17-Thirdier 15
  • Remy 1738, Carpano Punt e Mes sweet vermouth, Aperol, Saffron bitters, topped with Torres Orange Liqueur


($3 per person)

抹茶 Green Tea

菊花茶 Chrysanthemum Tea

普洱茶 Pu’er Tea

茉莉花茶 Jasmine Tea

烏龍茶 Oolong Tea

Special thanks to Niman Ranch, Tenderbelly, Springdale Farms, Johnson's Backyard Garden, Farm2Table, Vital Farms, and our constantly growing list of organic producers for providing our antibiotic and hormone-free beef, chicken, and farm fresh local vegetables to serve you each day.

Due to the language barrier insulating our kitchen, all substitutions, changes, dietary requirements, personal preferences, etc. are subject to interpretation and google translation error. Rest assured we will do our very best to convey your needs to our chefs.